Positive influence of E. coli strain Nissle 1917 on the intestinal epithelium

An increased permeability of the intestinal mucosa (“leaky gut”) for large-molecular antigens and even whole microorganisms from the gastrointestinal tract is suspected to be of pathophysiological importance in various types of diseases. E. coli strain Nissle 1917 has a positive influence on a damaged enteric mucosa displaying an increased permeability. This property is capable of improving the clinical symptoms in patients with liver cirrhosis.25

EcN is capable of strengthening certain structural elements which account for the cohesion of enterocytes in the gut mucosa, and stabilzes the intestinal barrier function. For example, EcN elicits both a curative and a prophylactic effect in cases when the intestinal barrier is disturbed by enteropathogenic E. coli-bacteria.26

An increased mucosal permeability for the dye Evans Blue effected by dextran sodium-sulfate in the colitis mouse model can be considerably decreased by a pretreatment with EcN.27

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