Mutaflor – the natural treatment of chronic constipation

Two controlled clinical ­Mutaflor studies are available for the indication of chronic constipation.

Mutaflor versus Placebo

  • 8-week study
  • 70 patients
  • patients having received ­Mutaflor had a significantly higher weekly stool frequency than the 35 patients who had received the placebo.41

stool frequency per week

Mutaflor versus Lactulose

  • 12 weeks study
  • 108 Patients
  • the efficacy of ­Mutaflor and lactulose was comparable after the treatment 42

Mutaflor versus Lactulose – regular consistency, ease of defecation, side effects and stool ­frequency

41) Möllenbrink M, Bruckschen E. Behandlung der chronischen Obstipation mit physiolo­gischen ­Esche­richia-coli-Bakterien. Med Klin 1994; 89:587–593.

42) Bruckschen E, Horosiewicz H. Chronische Obstipation, Vergleich von mikrobiologischer Therapie und Lactulose. Münch Med Wochenschr 1994;16:241–245.

Mutaflor international package insert to download
Mutaflor Suspension international package insert to download