Clinical effects of ­E. coli strain Nissle 1917 in case Crohn's disease

Malchow treated 28 patients with active Crohn's disease of the colon over one year with prednisolone and with an adjuvant therapy of ­Mutaflor versus placebo. 49 After remission had been reached, less relapses occurred in the patient group treated with ­Mutaflor than in the control group (33.3 % versus 63.6 %).

In addition, the adjuvant administration of ­Mutaflor elicited a steroid sparing effect. 

Mutaflor versus Placebo in cases of Crohn’s disease 49

49) Malchow HA. Crohn‘s Disease and E. coli. J Clin Gastro­enterol 1997; 25: 653–658

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